815 Elyria Drive

The owners of this 1909 Craftsman on Mount Washington, which is a Historic Cultural Monument, wanted to add a detached art studio to the rear of the house. Neither of the owners were unbendable when it came to the style, so modern architect Nick Corsini designed a studio that, in his words “would create a dialogue between the buildings and the site.” The use of simple building materials achieved the desired effect and honored the craftsman ideal of simplicity. Simple concrete blocks helped alleviate the need for heating and cooling systems and in Corsini’s words “the rust pallet created a warm relationship with the existing house.” A butterfly roof made of corrugated steel strongly reflects the eaves of the house and clerestory windows allow natural light to permeate the space. Utilitarian built-in cabinets are made of okoume plywood, which also lines the ceiling. The final product is definitely modern, but also reflects the craftsman vision. The sensitive addition to this property that honors the past and salutes the present is truly deserving of the 2014 award.